This week, I’m working with Kindergarten (it’s their second week of ‘big school!) and we’re looking at the first steps of measurement – mainly short, tall, shorter than, taller than, etc etc.

As part of this introduction, I’m using a SMART Notebook file I put together that is themed on the Angry Birds.


preview low res
A preview of most of the slides.

Inside the Notebook file is the cut and paste Publisher document. It includes three birds, The Blues, Chuck and Terrence and relates to the final slide where the kids are asked to colour, cut and paste (motor skills), then glue the three birds in order from shortest to tallest.

On top of using the interactive presentation above, we’ll be defining short and tall, and what makes something short and tall by comparisons. There will be hands-on activities using blocks of varying sizes and the usual manipulatives you’d encounter in this type of lesson for Kindergarten.

Measurement with Kindergarten.
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