The demonstration decoration hanging from the classroom projector.

Last week, Mrs Westwood and I were looking at some Christmas art and craft ideas. There was one picture of an item in a book that didn’t have a template available, so today I made it. Chances are this particular template is available everywhere, but I haven’t found it.


 Some work samples from Year 3.

The template can be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking on the image below.


As you can see, the template is two pages.
The first page is the template itself. Decorate how you desire, cut along the dashed lines and fold the top to the bottom to make a circle. Each of the cut sections should line up with one on the opposite side, so just glue these together.
The second page contains an optional image for the ‘dangly bit’ (as the kids called it) in the middle. The circles on the bottom are for anyone who want to have something they design to hang in the middle and are sized nicely for this area.

Once everything is designed, decorated and glued together, you just need to tie some ribbon(s) to the top and you’re done.


Christmas Decoration Art/Craft.
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