I haven’t had a real, decent opportunity to add a new post on my blog for the majority of 2013 due to a much more busier work schedule, but I had to stop and make time for this; The EduBlog Award Nominations for 2013. Also referred to as, The Eddies.


No, not those Eddies!

I’d like to nominate two blogs for this year.

Nomination for Best Class Blog, 2013: 5/6C @ The Junction.

This classroom blog, maintained by Miss Chaffey, is simply full of innovation, opportunity and student achievement.

5/6C @ The Junction exhibits all of the class’ regular activities for friends and families who cannot stay in contact with what is happening in the classroom on a more closer level. To add to this, 5/6C @ The Junction also connects with the local community and reaches a wider, global audience to inspire teachers and students around the world with their work samples and posts.



 Innovation! 5/6C doing indoor dancing via YouTube for wet weather sport.



 Connectedness! 5/6C keeping the local community in touch with school happenings via student-run news broadcasts.



Global Awareness! 5/6C studying the plight of the rhino.

This, plus much more, is my justification for nominating 5/6C @ The Junction for the Best Class Blog for 2013.


Nomination for Best Student Blog, 2013: Bella’s World.

Webmistress of Bella’s World is Bella, a Year Six student at The Junction Public School who posts and updates her blog regularly while still studying during the eve of High School.

Bella’s World is jam-packed full of suburb and wonderful writing. Bella’s World has been showcased on the 100 Word Challenge site on numerous occassions.

Grimly, I survey the terrible scene before me. The beach is littered with broken furniture, old toys, shards of metal, and many other things. The typhoon destroyed everything. Hopelessness  engulfs me, and I start sobbing. Suddenly, there is a gust of wind, and something nudges against my bare foot. A letter in a bottle!
– Bella’s World, posted November 18th, 2013.

Bella also maintains a story which she writes using her spelling words regularly.
So much imagination.
So much creativity.

While visiting Bella’s World, you can see how Bella’s teacher integrates technology in the classroom with the use of iPads in English.

Bella using Tellagami for creative language.

Bella’s World is full of fantastic writing and creative expression that is improving on a daily basis. For this, I nominate Bella’s World for Best Student Blog, 2013, as a publicised nomination – or even winning – would be a positive move to the future of our literary world.

Thank you for considering my nominations.

– Nathan MacGregor
Classroom Teacher.

Edublog Awards Nominations, 2013.
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