That’s right. If you say you can’t draw, then I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. If you can write letters or numbers, then you have the basics of drawing. Sound impossible? Let me introduce you to Steve Harpster.

Steve Harpster is a professional artist and illustrator from America who does a lot of work with children’s books and schools. Want to see what books Steve has worked on? Just take a look at his Amazon page. There are over 70 books listed there!

Steve also has his work online at

See that? “School Visits“. Yes, Steve does school visits both in person and online! What’s involved in a school visit? Well, I can’t speak for the in person visits, but I have had Steve in my class for an online visit, and the kids absolutely loved it!
Steve will guide your class through some drawing skills and do some work with the kids from his Drawing Animals with Numbers, Drawing Monsters with Letters and other books.

All you need for an online visit are pencils, paper, students and between 30-60mins. You wont need any special software to connect online, either. Steve will connect to your class via Adobe Connect, so as long as you have a conputer with a steady internet connection, you’re set to go!

I’ve had students in my class who have shown no interest in drawing and claim they cannot draw, be fully engaged in Steve’s presentation and have since taken up drawing small characters in their spare times and on the weekends.
Not only children, but adult staff as well. Yes, adults who have been saying for years that they cannot draw, are now suddenly drawing animals and all sorts of beasties with a big smile on their faces!

This isn’t meant to sound like a huge advertisement, but I did want to share a source of great knowledge, entertainment and inspiration for new and beginner drawers.

… Steve also has a drawing app, too. 😛

Can’t Draw? Wrong!
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